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We offer guitar lessons, bass lessons, and vocal lessons--beginner to advanced—in a comfortable and convenient location just minutes from Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California. Our instructors have 30+ years of experience playing and teaching music in many different styles, from classical guitar to rock, blues, punk, and heavy metal.

Learn to play and record music with our state of the art Pro Tools studio while in a fun, personalized, one-on-one environment. We offer insights to the music business, show you how to form a band, write songs, and record your own music.

Our summer jam programs make it easy to test your skills, learning to rehearse, perform, and record with others. Sac Valley Guitar offers music accessories at a discount, including guitar strings, guitar straps, guitar stands, tuners, metronomes and picks. We offer affordable electric guitars and a line of fine handcrafted classical guitars.

Our guitar and amp repair services feature reasonable rates and a quick turnaround. Persuse our site, get to know our instructors, download a jam track. Contact us today and start playing music!

Eric Morrison, Music Educator/Proprietor



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